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University Bookstore Department Purchases

  • University employees must be preauthorized to charge a University FOP by their unit budget manager for a bookstore purchase. The unit budget manager is also responsible for revoking the permission.
  • To authorize or revoke permission, the budget manager submits the USF Bookstore College/Department FOP Charge: Employee Authorization or Revoke Permission Form to
  • Purchasing & Ancillary Services (PaAS) will review/verify the information and send a confirmation email to the business manager and the bookstore. The confirmation email will state that the permission status (authorize or revoke) will be active at the bookstore within five business days. Estimated total processing time is up to ten business days.
  • If the USF employee presents a University P-card as a form of payment, the FOP verification process does not apply, and the department discount will not be applied to the transaction.
  • PaAS will process Department FOP bookstore charges through Hilltop Shop (HTS) as an after-the-fact (ATF) requisition/purchase order. The budget manager is responsible for ensuring funds are available in the FOP assignment.  
  • Questions or concerns regarding university bookstore department purchases should be addressed to

BNC Adoptions and Insights Portal (AIP) for Textbook and Course Material Selections:

Faculty or the designated college representative can conveniently access the BNC AIP 24/7 through myUSF by following pathway:


myUSF portal »  ALL APPS  »  BNC Adoptions and Insights Portal



Why textbook and course material adoptions should be submitted on time:  

  • Students awarded scholarships, grants, or financial aid are required to purchase their textbooks, course material, and supplies at the USF Bookstore
  • Allows the bookstore time to research the most cost-effective textbook options for students (used, rental, digital, etc.)
  • Adoptions received on or before the due date means more titles available for rent (rentals save students up to 80 percent off the new textbook price)
  • Submitting adoptions by the due date enables students to receive the most for their books during the buyback period at the end of the current term

AIP Training Videos:

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the University Bookstore representatives below:

Store Manager: Justino Gomez

Textbook Manager: Greg Dreikosen

To learn more about BNC and their offerings, please visit the My USF Bookstore page, or click here to Shop Online.