White Allies

Ways to show up, hold ourselves accountable, think more deeply, redistribute resources, & move towards a more just world 


Why should I be reading right now? Theory informs action. It’s so important to refer to the thoughts and ideas and stories of others who have fought similar struggles and found liberatory paths forward. In particular, the work of abolitionists envisions a world beyond policing and helps us conceptualize and imagine the ways we can get there without falling back on punitive or carceral responses.

  • What Abolitionists Do - cursory but comprehensive intro to the abolition movement
  • What To Do Instead of Calling the Police - what it sounds like! we can create community safety without the cops. here’s how. 

  • Police "Reforms" You Should Always Oppose - how to tell the difference between “reforms” that reinforce policing and those that move towards an abolitionist vision of community safety. 

  • We Don't Need Nicer Cops. We Need Fewer Cops - diverse, friendlier, or better trained police forces will never solve the problem of police brutality. the fact that police exist to enact state-sanctioned violence against, and criminalization of, civilians is a fundamental harm that cannot be solved within the system of policing.

  • “Non-Black people must do better. To learn is to listen. Keep in mind that Black people are not obligated to teach us how to care for them. Look into your honest self, your discomfort, your learned anti-blackness and your family history. Call your racist family members out. Move beyond the internet to show your outrage and grief. Take action and do not remain complicit. Remember that Black communities have supported and taught every radical movement in history. It has long been our time to play our part in destroying White supremacy and everything that upholds it. This reminder can no longer be gentle.” --Mimi Zhu

  • “The commitment to be an ally is MESSY. You don’t sign up for this because it’s easy. Prepare to be attacked, called out, unfollowed, criticized, and challenged. Keep posting anyway. Being an ally is saying you’re willing to put your comfort and convenience aside for the sake of racial equality. It’s a privilege to be able to fight against racism instead of having to live it daily.” --@Glographics

Books, podcasts, movies, articles, organizations to follow on social media

White Allies

Pace yourself! Then try to hone in on the voice you resonate with the most as you are educating yourself. Engage in actions that are in line with your values. Action can take many different forms and doesn’t have to be protesting.

White Allies

(Resource Guide put together by @gisellebuchanan)

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Be Wrong

  • Black People Are Not Required to Educate You

  • Get Uncomfortable

  • What is your contribution? (what are your skills and how can they be useful now? What privileges do you have and how can you redistribute them to the movement for Black liberation?)

  • Use your privilege

  • Destroy the Myth

  • How you spend your money is political

  • Amplify Black voices

  • Listen to Black people who are actively organizing

How will money change anything? Organizing costs $$$$ and since we have no structural forms of redistributing unearned wealth, each of us (esp. white folks and/or those with class privilege) has a responsibility to move our money in ways that contribute to life-preserving movements. For folks with class privilege, check out Resource Generation to learn about (and start doing!) wealth redistribution.  


UPDATE:  Many of these orgs listed below have received an influx of donations and have asked that funds be redirected  HERE. The organizations listed here are all working towards building the long-term conditions for community-based systemic change. 

Accepting Donations:

  • Black Trans Travel Fund

  • My Block, My Hood, My City

  • Femme Empowerment Project

  • Unicorn Riot on-the-ground media reporting

  • CTUL - low-wage worker organizing

  • Color of Change

Already Very Supported (*received overwhelming support, requested donations be sent to other organizations, but are still accepting)