Tuition and Fees for Graduate Programs

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Arts & Sciences

TuitionPer UnitSemesterEstimated First-Year Tuition*
Asia Pacific Studies$1,385 $22,160
Biology$1,385 $0
Biotechnology$1,385 $24,930
Chemistry$1,385 $0
Computer Science$1,385 $22,160
Computer Science Bridge$1,385 $30,470
Data Science$1,385 $40,165
Economics$1,385 $24,930
Energy Systems Management$1,385 $22,160
Environmental Management$1,385 $22,160
International and Development Economics$1,385 $24,930
International Studies$1,385 $27,700
Migration Studies$1,385 $23,545
Museum Studies$1,385 $33,240
Professional Communication$1,385 $20,775
Public Leadership$1,385 $38,780
Sport Management$1,385 $20,775
Urban and Public Affairs$1,385 $24,930
Writing(MFA)$1,385 $16,620
* Tuition costs per year are estimates only; costs may vary based on actual enrollment in classes
** To see anticipated number of units for each year, visit College of Arts & Science - Tuition & Fees.



TuitionPer UnitSemesterEstimated Annual Tuition*
Graduate Online Program$1,170  
Catholic Educational Leadership - Masters (McGrath Institute scholarship available to cover 50% of tuition charges)$1,170  
Credential Programs$995  
San Francisco Unified School District$600  
Catholic Educational Leadership - Doctoral (McGrath Institute scholarship available to cover 50% of tuition charges)$1,320  


TuitionPer UnitSemesterEstimated Annual Tuition*
Full-time JD $24,870$49,740
Part-time JD$1,780  
Full-time LLM in ICL, LLM in IPTL $24,075$48,150
Part-time LLM in ICL$1,925  
Part-time LLM in IPTL$1,925  
LLM in Taxation$1,980 
Master of Legal Studies in Taxation$1,590 


TuitionPer UnitSemesterEstimated Annual Tuition*
Financial Analysis$1,385  
Global Entrepreneurial Management $38,000
Executive MBA (tuition only starting FY18) $22,375$44,750
Information Systems$1,170  
Nonprofit Administration$1,150  
Public Administration$1,170  
Organization Development$1,475  
Graduate Online Programs$1,170  

Nursing and Health Professions

TuitionPer UnitSemesterEstimated Annual Tuition*
Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN), Master of Public Health (MPH), Master of Science in Behavioral Health (MSBH), Master of Science in Health Informatics (MSHI)$1,385  
Graduate Online Programs$1,385  
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)$1,385  
Executive DNP (Doctoral; tuition only starting FY18) $15,040 

General Fees

Fees (Mandatory)Fees as DirectedSemesterAnnual Fall/Spring
AGSUSF (all graduate students exclusive of Law, MGEM, EARCOS) $30$60
USF-Sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (Aetna)** TBD/Fall
Housing Contract Cancellation Fee$1,000  
*This fee is subject to negotiations with the City of San Francisco and is charged only to undergraduate students on the San Francisco campus in the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Management and the School of Nursing & Health Professions.

**For the 2017-2018 academic year (FY2018), the USF-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan premiums will be published on the USF website.


College of Arts & Sciences Fees

Fees (Mandatory)Fees as DirectedSemesterAnnual Fall/Spring
Lab (per related course)$25  


Law Fees

Fees (Mandatory)Fees as DirectedSemesterAnnual Fall/Spring
SBA (Full-time Law students only, LLM Tax is excluded) $35$70
SBA (Part-time Law students only, per unit, LLM Tax is excluded)$2.00  
LRAP (JD students only) $5$10
Law Visiting Student Fee $250 
Law Intensive Advocacy Program (Materials cost, per course)$100  
Law Re-Examination Fee$500  


Management Fees

Fees (Mandatory)Fees as DirectedSemesterAnnual Fall/Spring
GBSA (MBA students only) $100$200


Nursing Fees

Fees (Mandatory)Fees as DirectedSemesterAnnual Fall/Spring
Clinical Lab  
Undergraduate (per lab)$162  
Graduate (per lab)$162  
Undergraduate (per related course)$100  
Graduate (per related course)$100  
Malpractice Insurance  
Undergraduate (per clinical lab)$25  
Graduate (per clinical lab)$25