Muscat Scholars Program: First Generation Community

Backs of 3 MSP staff walking towards Harney Science Center

Muscat Scholars Program: First Generation (MSP:1G) is a community for first-generation college students at the University of San Francisco. Created in 2017, we wanted to provide a community for students who were not able to attend the full Muscat Scholars Program summer bridge and were not able to be a part of the cohort.

MSP:1G students are invited to any and all MSP activities including MSP Retreats and Meet and Munches. During our remote academic year, MSP:1G orientations/meetings to share stories about the lived experiences of first-generation college students as well as provide networking opportunities both on and off campus. We welcome all undergraduate students including transfers to join our community.

MSP:1G is invested in first-generation college students' well-being and success. You are welcome to use as many of the resources available or only use them when you feel the need. We have found that students who are connected to a community on campus are more resilient and engaged, and we hope you will join our community.

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