Open Canvas

This program is modeled after the original CTE Open Classrooms program, in which we invite faculty to explore the classrooms of their peers. The goal to learn and be inspired by example is the same, however the twist is that the visit is virtual. It does not matter if the course is live, hybrid, or online. The purpose is to allow other faculty to garner a better idea of how Canvas can be used effectively for different courses.

Note: Some regularly scheduled CTE programs have been altered, cancelled or postponed because of COVID-19 restrictions. Please refer to the CTE newsletter or contact us for the most up-to-date information.

Spotlight On Canvas

In these remote learning circumstances, Canvas is playing a larger role than ever in most of our classes. We know that many of you are already doing effective and innovative things with Canvas. Let’s share them!

  • Are you organizing course materials (e.g., using modules, pages, or text headers) in a certain way that seems to work especially well?
  • Have you found a way of using the Discussion board feature that generates good participation?
  • Are you incorporating outcomes and rubrics into your gradebook to speed up the grading process while still providing helpful feedback to students?
  • Have you used any Canvas-integrated apps (e.g., Piazza, Hypothesis) that you’ve found to be useful?
  • Any other Canvas tips or tricks, big or small, you’d be willing to share?

Please send us a note (click link below) to let us know how you've been using Canvas to teach more effectively in these remote learning circumstances. We'd love to spotlight your idea for others to see!