25th Thacher Art + Architecture Annual

Sunday, June 30 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Gleeson Library — Thacher Gallery Art Exhibit

Face behind mesh

Final day for Reorienting Towards Remembrance: the 25th Thacher Art + Architecture Annual on view in the Thacher Gallery from May 3-June 30, 2024. 

This juried exhibition includes a diverse collection of artworks from 45 juniors and seniors in the Department of Art + Architecture that explore the theme of Reorienting Towards Remembrance. Allow the art to stir recollections, evoke sense memories, and ground you in your body and its history. 

Organized by the Art History & Museum Studies Thacher Gallery Practicum class taught by Lexygius Calip. Jurors include: Bay Area curator, archivist, artist Angelica Rodriguez, artist and curator at Audium Bianca Bercial García-Bayllo, artist and designer Brian Singer/Someguy, and artist/performance artist Midori.

Artists: Zoe Amburn, Nanthawan Amornnopphakhum, Priscilla Arrighi, Cecelia Baldwin, Daine Becerra Garcia, Ananya Beevanapalli, Hayley Blonstein, Alejandra Boyce, Zoë Carr, Christine Casper, Kathryn Clarke, Sofía Belen Criswell, Mia Cruz, Mariam Diakite, Bleu DiBiase, Mickey Ferguson, Henry Fillmore, Emmanuel Flores Garcia, Nyx George, Ella Geronimo, Ally Hernandez, Jack Keenan, Nicholas Lanza, Hannah Lehmkuhl, En-Yi Lin, Wei Chen Lin, Price Little, Ava Lord, Delaney Lumpkin, Anna Maiorino, Leila Major, Renae McGarry, Sofia Milante, Julie Ng, Alysse Ohanian, Paulina Pons Meyer, Madi Reyes, Natalie Ribay, Lara Sipes, Dakota Song, Yunseok (Andy) Song, Elias Thomas, Erica Vacca, Andrew Wirth, Jocelyn Wong