Public Health and Global Security in the Time of COVID-19

Lab Scientist

Event Date: 3/26/2020

In a discussion moderated by School of Nursing & Health Professions Statewide MPH Director Taryn Vian, PhD (SONHP), Assistant Professor Marie-Claude Couture (SONHP), Professor Barbara Sattler (SONHP), and Professor Sangman Kim (CAS) will provide perspectives on the COVID-19 pandemic through the lenses of epidemiology, immunology, and public health. Why are some populations at greater risk than others? How can testing and data be better utilized in responding to the pandemic? What is being done to protect public health workers? What can be done to improve our response?


Taryn VianTaryn Vian, PhD (Moderator) is a professor of public health and the Statewide MPH program director at SONHP. She has a PhD in public policy and global health, and has worked on health systems strengthening in more than 40 countries.




Marie-Claude CoutureMarie-Claude Couture, MS, PhD, is an associate professor of public health and an infectious disease epidemiologist. She has a PhD in public health-epidemiology and has been conducting research in HIV/AIDS and substance use and violence among vulnerable populations in the US and developing countries.




Sangman KimSangman Kim, PhD, is an assistant professor of biology. He recently completed a PhD in immunology, and has expertise in a number of immune-related diseases, including celiac disease and sepsis. He is currently researching the interaction between pathogens and host immune systems, with a focus on how our immune systems can differentiate between different classes of pathogens.



Barbara SattlerBarbara Sattler is a professor at USF and an environmental health expert. She is also a registered nurse. Dr. Sattler has been involved in community-based public health efforts that have included emergency preparedness and response.