Finance System Services

Finance System Services

The Office of Planning and Budget provides training for Banner Finance system users. Please email Ratchadaporn ‘Yui’ Suriyentrakorn or Sean Matthews to schedule a training session for learning to use Self-Service Banner (SSB) for Finance, Banner e-Print Reports, and other resources.

The Quick Guide includes contact information, notes from the Self-Service Banner for Finance training session, e-Print reports, web resource information, and a table of Banner Accounts Expense codes. The Reports Overview is a one-page summary of available e-Print reports for Finance. The e-Print User Guide 4.0 is an additional resource for configuring and navigating the e-Print system.

Confirm/Establish Access for SSB for Finance, e~Print Reports, and Business Intelligence (BI) Business Managers Report Domain

For access to the resources listed above, contact Ivy Efendioglu. Please establish and confirm your access before attending training.

Budget Transfer via SSB for Finance

With the introduction of Self-Service Banner Finance, Business Managers have the option of performing one-time transfers of discretionary budgets between their organizations and/or budget pools. The Self-Service Banner Budget Transfer Guide describes how to perform your own budget transfers.

Tableau Training and Finance Database Cubes

We also provide access to financial data through Tableau and Excel database cubes for individuals involved in monitoring budget and financial activity. Tableau reports allow users to easily interpret information visually as well as access the underlying data. The software lends itself to easily sharing information with other authorized individuals. A user guide is available here. The Excel database cubes display information from the operating ledger, transaction ledger, and other sources for your divisions. Organizational, fund, and account hierarchies have been incorporated into the file to allow you to view your financial information from a variety of perspectives. All funds and transactions are included for a user's area. For more information regarding access and training for these reporting resources, please contact, Sean Matthews at ext. 6145.

About Self-Service Banner (SSB) for Finance & e~Print Reports

Self-Service Banner for Financehas several aids to find information within Banner Finance. This web-based information management tool allows users to query budget, actual, and encumbrance activity at both the summary and detail level. It enables transaction detail “drill-down” as well as access to associated individual purchase requisitions and orders. It also provides FOAPAL Codes Lookup and the capacity of Saving/Deleting (query) Templates. Additionally, account managers will be able to use it to submit unrestricted, discretionary budget transfers; and create purchase requisitions.

e~Print is the University’s on-line report repository. The Finance Daily and Monthly Repository contains the following key reports:

  • FGRBDSC Budget Status (Current Period)
  • FGRODTA Organizational Detail Activity
  • FGROPNE Open Encumbrances Report
  • FZRBDSC Organization and Account Type Summary
  • The first three reports are available to organization business managers. The last report is only available to unit business managers. To login to e~Print, use your USF Connect username and password. Please contact the originating departments if you have questions regarding specific transactions. More detail regarding the information contained in the reports is available on the e~Print Reports Overview document under the Quick Links menu on the right of this page. If you cannot access e~Print, or need additional information, please contact Ivy Efendioglu at ext. 2731.