Student Application

Please complete the application below, and ensure that we receive all materials
by the deadline of March 1st, 2024 11:59pm PST

This program is a partnership between the USF Politics Department and the Leo T. McCarthy Center and runs the full length of USF Fall Semester. You must be able to commit to working at an internship for this time period to participate in the program. 

I. Personal Information
III. Statement of Purpose
 Read the quotes and accompanying questions below, and choose two out of three to which to respond. Statements will be judged according to both content and writing quality. Please copy and paste or type in the box below your statement of purpose. Please proofread.
  • "There isn't a student on this campus in any major who could not be an effective force in public decision-making if they bring to the fight a personal commitment to build a more just and humane world." - Leo T. McCarthy
    Provide specific examples of how you have demonstrated a commitment to building a more humane and just world. How will the McCarthy Fellows program strengthen your capacity to continue this commitment?

  • "You need a set of convictions based on moral values and you need to be introspective every day so you're truthful with yourself about how close you are to sticking to those values." - Leo T. McCarthy
    The McCarthy Center's core values that guide our work include: diversity and inclusion, social justice, collaboration and co-determination, humility, innovation, growth and improvement, and invitational dialogue. Choose two of the values from the McCarthy Center's list of core values and discuss why they resonate with you. How will you incorporate them during your San Francisco experience?

  • "If a moral commitment does not drive a person in public office, he or she will waiver and maybe wither in the face of all the forces that may tear him/her apart." - Leo T. McCarthy
    In pursuit of social justice, we may be challenged by internal forces such as apathy, fear, and bias, as well as external forces including systemic injustice and bureaucratic red tape. Provide one specific example of both an internal AND an external force that have challenged or threatened your moral commitment to service and describe how you strive to overcome those forces.

IV. Placement Interests

The preferences you indicate below will be used to identify the most appropriate internship site for you. It is to your benefit to be as clear as possible about your interests and priorities. While we will do our best to match you with an office that interests you, we cannot guarantee placement at any specific internship site.

Choose your top three Issue Area preferences below

Your Skills:
Skills and Knowledge you would like to apply:
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VI. Please provide the contact information for one faculty member or employer who is familiar with your skills and abilities and can serve as a reference. Please do not request a letter of reference from a member of your family. Indicate who will provide the reference in the space provided below. We encourage you to reach out to your reference prior to your application submission to let them know that someone from the McCarthy Center will reach out to them for additional information.
VII. Interview Availability

The Selection Committee will contact you regarding a Zoom interview following your application submission. Please be ready to engage in the interview.