Full-Time Staff Opportunities

Student Housing and Residential Education (SHaRE) employs several full-time staff members to assist with the management of the residence halls and the administrative work in the central office.

To view current openings, visit the USF Hiring Site.

Residence Hall Staff

There are seven individuals serving as full-time staff members within the residence halls. Each residence hall is assigned one Residence Hall Director.

Residence Hall Director (RD):

  • Serving as a live-on position, this full time staff member oversees the operations of the Residence Hall and the community it serves.
  • The RD supervises an RA staff and may supervise an Assistant Residence Hall Director (ARD) graduate intern within the same building.
  • RDs respond to crisis situations during duty rotations.
  • The RD is responsible for implementation of the residential curriculum in their building and area.

Central Office Staff

The central office is comprised of nine team members:

  • Director of Housing (Chief Housing Officer)
  • Associate Director for Staff and Community Development
  • Associate Director for Facilities and Operations
  • Manager of Service Operations
  • Manager of Occupancy and Data Management
  • Manager of Off-Campus Student Support Services
  • Area Coordinator for First Year Residential Education
  • Area Coordinator for Continuing Student Residential Education
  • Program Assistant 

Note: Full-Time & Professional Staff Opportunities in Student Housing and Residential Education include both live-in and non-live-in options.