Mission & Values

Student Housing Mission

Student Housing embodies the University and Student Life missions by providing safe and secure facilities with management and operations that meet the needs of students through courteous and efficient service.

Student Housing actively promotes timely academic progress and achievement, while partnering with students, staff and faculty to create diverse, equitable and inclusive communities where all members are valued and supported.

Student Housing Goals

  • Provide safe, secure, comfortable living environment
  • Provide opportunities for learning and leadership development
  • Promote cultural sensitivity and understanding
  • Provide a high level of support and service
  • Promote clear communication and facilitate respectful dialogue

Student Housing Values

  • Learning
    We seek and encourage the acquisition of knowledge and experiences, which will foster cognitive and personal growth.
  • Community
    We work to create inclusive living and learning environments focused on the identification and achievement of shared goals.
  • Integrity
    We lead with actions that are in line with our beliefs of honesty, fairness and respect.
  • Communication
    We facilitate dialogue that is open, respectful and sensitive to all people.
  • Service Excellence
    We provide outstanding service and quality facilities for students.

Student Housing Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Student Housing at the University of San Francisco strives to create safe, affirming, and inclusive communities for all students, staff, and faculty to live and learn together, in alignment with the University’s mission. These communities are enriched by the presence of people of different abilities, ages, colors, creeds, cultures, races, ethnicities, family models, gender identities, gender expressions, health statuses, nationalities, political views, religious, spiritual, and philosophical beliefs, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, and veteran statuses.

Student Housing affirms the dignity of all people. We are here to learn with and from one another. We recognize that all members of our community are accountable to one another. As professionals, paraprofessionals, and student leaders, we encourage those who live in our communities not to settle for tolerance, but to strive for equity as we create safe and brave spaces for rich dialogue and understanding. We welcome, expect, and encourage the continued pursuit of knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to build a more inclusive community which celebrates diversity and works toward justice.