Urban Development in Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia


  • Where: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • When: January 5-15, 2023
  • Topic: Urban Development
  • Instructors: Professor John Zarobell
  • Deadline for application: September 30, 2022
  • Syllabus

This Urban Development course is for USF graduate students in the social sciences that aims to introduce the dynamics of urban planning in megacities of the Global South while training them in the techniques of urban planners, regional and national governments, developers, foundations, and others who seek to promote sustainable development in one of the world’s fastest-growing cities. It is designed to draw students into difficult conversations about the benefits and ethics of urban development, and the goal is to encourage students to understand global inequalities in direct terms.

In consultation with colleagues at Universitas Tarumanagra (UNTAR) in the Urban Planning program, the class has developed into an opportunity for asset-based education, reciprocal engagement, and international collaboration. As part of the class, students from USF will travel to Jakarta and take part in a conference with students and faculty of UNTAR, in which each group will present an analysis of their own city and discuss shared challenges while seeking the means to work together.

For any questions regarding this immersion, please contact Professor John Zarobell.