China Business Studies Initiative (CBSI) Conference 2015

Cracking the U.S. Market:

Opportunities & Threats for Chinese Multinationals

February 26-28, 2015, San Francisco, CA

How are Chinese firms addressing the challenges faced in the U.S.? What are the strengths and weaknesses of Chinese multinationals implementing a sales force, R&D, and even manufacturing across the United States?


The China Business Studies Initiative (CBSI) at the University of San Francisco is pleased to invite you to our first annual international conference that aims to address the issues faced by Chinese multinationals seeking to crack the U.S. market. Join us as we discuss and share knowledge and insights, evaluate the impact of current policy, and set a research agenda for the future.

This interactive, two-day conference will feature panel discussions and roundtables for a robust exchange of ideas, strategies, and solutions to the challenges that face Chinese business seeking to invest in the United States.

Conference participants will also enjoy an informative and exciting exploration of the magnificent building of the San Francisco City Hall led by its chief historian and a wine-tasting tour of the world-famous Sonoma County.




Keynote Speakers

Dr. Marshall Meyer

Tsai Wan-Tsai Professor Emeritus in the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Marshal Meyer holds several prestigious positions, making him an influential leader in management. He is the Tsai Wan- Tsai Professor Emeritus in the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Professor of Management and Sociology Emeritus, Associate Member of the Center for East Asian Studies as well as a member of the Executive Committee of the Center for the Study of Contemporary China.

Dr. Mike Peng

Jindal Chair of Global Strategy at the Jindal School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas

Dr. Mike Peng’s dedication to global strategy research has categorized him as one of the most influential scholars on the topic that both the United Nations and the World Bank have cited his work. In 2003, Peng received the National Science Foundation CAREER Award. Currently, he works as the Jindal Chair of Global Strategy at the Jindal School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas.

Mr. “Ted” Tatsuhito Tokuchi

Managing Director & Chairman of the Investment Banking Committee, CITIC Securities Co., Ltd

Mr. Tokuchi grew up in China and graduated from Peking University. He worked as executive at Daiwa Securities in the U.S., Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, and Japan before returning to China in 2002 to develop CITIC Securities’ investment banking division, expanding it to over 500 investment banking professionals. As Chairman of CITIC Securities International, he negotiated the partial acquisition of CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets in 2012. Awarded the Friendship Prize by the Chinese government in 2009, he is also a Board Member of CIDEG at Tsinghua University.

Mr. Wayne Wang

Founder and CEO, CDP Group

Mr. Wang’s in-depth knowledge about wealth management and investment banking has shaped CDP Group as one of the largest and most innovative Human Capital Management Corporate Services and Technology. For more than sixteen years, Wang held Senior International Executive positions with large Multinational Companies in the United States, Europe and China. Previously, he also served as a General Partner of a US-China Private Equity Investment Firm.

Conference Chair

  • Xiaohua Yang, (University of San Francisco)
  • Conference Program Co-Chairs

  • Barry Doyle, (University of San Francisco)
  • Mary Teagarden, (Thunderbird School of Global Management)
  • Liang Wang, (University of San Francisco)
  • Conference Site Committee Chair

  • Gleb Nikitenko, (University of San Francisco)
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