MNA Assurance of Learning

MNA Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

Program Goal 1 – Develop nonprofit leaders who are socially conscious, community engaged, and globally minded.

  • LO 1) Develop nonprofit sector knowledge: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the past, present, and future trends of the nonprofit sector across organizations, policies, and sectors in the U.S. and internationally.
  • LO 2) Develop social sector values: Demonstrate strategic, appreciative, and critical thinking to articulate and discern social sector values for the promotion of just, inclusive, prosperous, responsible, and sustainable communities.

Program Goal 2 – Develop nonprofit managers who are competent, strategic, effective, and system thinkers.

  • LO 3) Apply nonprofit management competencies: Apply principles and approaches of nonprofit management to problem-solve using strategic planning, board governance, resource development, financial administration, human resource management, legal compliance, nonprofit marketing, program evaluation, policy and advocacy.
  • LO 4) Apply systemic solutions: Apply nonprofit management skills and leadership competencies for the promotion of cross-sector collaborations, social value creation, and systemic solutions.

Program Goal 3 - Develop nonprofit administrators who discern ethical decisions for the common good.

  • LO 5) Integrate nonprofit ethical leadership: Demonstrate ethical leadership capacity and ethical reasoning for nonprofit leadership, global responsibility, social accountability, and ethical decision-making.
  • LO 6) Integrate social impact analysis: Demonstrate evaluative capacity benefiting organizational development, organizational learning, organizational effectiveness, and organizational sustainability for social impact and social innovation.

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