Business Card

Faculty/staff business cards
Left side of the card is the Full Name Logo with tagline in three colors. The University logo is the only logo allowed to appear on university business cards. No variations are allowed.

Right column is the information block. A total of 11 lines of information is permissable.
Line 1—Person’s name in bold
Line 2 (and 3 if necessary)—Title(s) Followed by:
—School or division name as applicable
—Center, institute, department or program name as applicable
—Street address with building & room number
—City, state, zip
—Contact information as needed
(This may include office phone, mobile phone, fax, email, or social media addresses.)

The business card back prints USF Yellow with the university’s tagline in white.

Graduate student business cards
If approved by their school’s dean, graduate students may purchase business cards. They are similar in content to the faculty/staff business cards, but are printed in two colors and are printed on the front side only. Note, all student cards must include the student’s degree/major and the word “Candidate” with their expected year of graduation.

All stationery orders must go through Hilltop Shop. For more information email or call x5898.