Master of Arts in Teaching Reading (MATR) with Reading and Literacy Added Authorization

The Master of Arts in Teaching Reading program develops candidates’ expertise in reading instruction, assessment, and intervention for both  classroom  teaching  and  working  as  a reading specialist or literacy coach in culturally and linguistically diverse settings.

The program prepares K-12 educators as reading professionals who provide expert literacy instruction in their own classrooms, work as reading tutors and literacy support providers, serve as school literacy coaches, and contribute to the larger debate on literacy policy as engaged scholars.

The signature of the USF MATR/RLAA program is reflected in our intensive practicum experiences, most notably our community-based Summer Reading program where candidates provide a five-week summer reading camp to K-8 students.

Candidates who complete the program and meet other State requirements are eligible for the added authorization in Reading and Literacy on their teaching credential issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).


MATR Specific Courses

TEC-661 Assessment And Intervention With Struggling Readers (3 Units) (Fall only) 

Topics in this course will include the planning and delivery of appropriate reading and writing instruction based on formal and informal assessment of students. Students will develop a knowledge base for selection, use and interpretation of reading and writing assessment instruments for students, including English language learners, and students with reading disabilities and difficulties.

  • Offered Fall semester only.

TEC-662 Tutoring Practicum - Primary Level (1 Unit) (Fall only)


TEC-663 Tutoring Practicum - Intermediate Level (1 Unit) (Spring only)

These courses provide supervised field experience that enables MATR students to integrate reading theory and practice regarding assessment and intervention strategies for struggling readers.

Tutoring fieldwork will include individualized reading instruction for both primary and intermediate level students. Course requires tutoring fieldwork during the Fall and Spring semesters of the academic year.


TEC-665 Fluence Comprehension in Linguistically Diverse Learners (2 Units) (Summer only)


TEC-670 Issues In Reading Research: Theories & Practice (3 Units) (Spring only) 


TEC-671 Reading Practicum (3 Units) (Summer only)



Additional Information




For more information, contact Dr. Helen Maniates.




You will have a Master of Arts in Teaching Reading (MATR) at graduation and you are eligible for a Reading and Literacy Added Authorization (RLAA) on your teaching credential when you have completed 3 years as teacher of record. (See below).

NO. If you select MATR as your master’s program, you only take the MATR courses. Instead of the MAT courses (TEC 673 and TEC 674), you take 14 units in reading coursework.


The coursework takes 4 semesters – summer, fall, spring, and summer. Courses must be taken in sequence. You can skip a semester but you have to wait until the following year to restart.

MATR reading coursework begins each summer with one course at the end of May-mid June on main campus only (Hilltop). 

Multiple subjects candidates must have completed TEC 621 Early Literacy and TEC 612 Reading Language Arts.


Single subject candidates must have completed TEC 622 Academic Literacy and TEC 625 Teaching Adolescents. 


Already credentialed teachers must have completed equivalent courses at their university.

When you have completed 3 years as teacher of record, contact the USF credential analyst to nominate you to the CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing for the added authorization.

YES. SFTR is your credential program. MATR is a master’s degree program. You would change your master’s option from MAT to MATR and take the MATR coursework instead of TEC 673 and 674.

YES. You would continue with your MAT in UESJ. You would take the 14 units in reading coursework. When completed, you will have your Master of Arts in Teaching: Urban Education and Social Justice and eligible for the Reading and Literacy Added Authorization (See #6).

YES. You can always apply and return. You’d already have your master’s degree so you would just take the 14 units in reading for the added authorization to your credential.

Submit the “Change of Program” form (available in ED 205) with your advisor’s signature.