Job Search Safety Tips

Fraudulent Job Postings

Fraudulent job posters are becoming increasingly more clever. Here are some good tips to help you identify and avoid falling for a fraudulent job posting:

  • Verify the employer has a legitimate company email that isĀ correctly spelled.
  • Avoid interviews that are conducted over chat/email and instead request to speak on the phone.
  • Be wary if an interviewer does NOT ask about your past experience.
  • Don't send any personal information over email.
  • You are asked to give your credit card or bank account numbers, or copies of personal documents - but you get nothing in return. (NEVER share this kind of personal information unless you are well down the interview path, are receiving an offer, and have had personal, face-to-face meetings with company representatives and recruiters.)
  • You are asked to send a payment by wire service or courier.
  • You are offered a large payment or reward in exchange for allowing the use of your bank account - often for depositing checks or transferring money.
  • You receive an unexpectedly large check.

If you believe you have identified a fraudulent job posting, please contact USF Career Services at (415) 422-6216 or