Living on campus Living in off-campus housing
Direct costs: These costs are included on your bill from USF. It includes specific, fixed (or estimated) costs that you’ll pay for.
Average Tuition $26,560 $26,560
Fees $80 $80
Health Insurance

Semester rate: Fall 2024 $1,615, Spring 2025 $2,261
$3,876 $3,876
Housing $13,934  
Food $5,830  
Subtotal of direct costs: $50,280 $30,516
Indirect costs: These costs will not show up on your bill from USF. They are estimated costs. For example, you’ll probably need to buy textbooks and school supplies, personal items like clothes and toiletries, and travel expenses if you live far from home and plan to travel back during school breaks. You’ll decide for yourself how and when you make these purchases (and how much you pay). That’s why it’s just an estimate.
Off-campus housing   $13,500
Off-campus food   $3,600
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment $500 $500
Transportation $923 $2,890
Personal expenses $3,105 $4,276
Subtotal of indirect costs: $4,528 $24,766
Total Cost of Attendance: (Direct + indirect costs. Your bill will be lower than this amount because you will not be charged for indirect costs.) $54,808 $55,282


  • Average tuition is based on the average number of units previous students have taken in the fall and spring semesters of any year of study. Average tuition excludes units completed in summer and intercession semesters, and is listed here for financial aid purposes. Tuition is charged per unit.
    • $1,660 per unit
  • Fees include:
    • $40 AGSUSF fee is applied each fall and spring semester for a total annual fee of $80. This fee funds activities and events of the Associated Graduate Students.
  • Housing and meal costs are estimates based on the average full-time graduate student. See all housing and meal costs.
  • Tuition, fees, housing, and meals costs increase slightly each year. Over the last few years, annual increases have ranged from 2.8% to 4.9%.
  • Graduate students who are registered in 6 or more units will be charged the USF-sponsored health insurance plan for $3,876 to their direct costs. If you’ve waived the USF health insurance because you’re already covered under a plan, you won’t be charged for this.