How to read this agreement:

Transferable courses are listed below by Core Curriculum area. In each area, a transferable course is listed one of two ways:

  • A transfer course will appear in the list of courses paired with its direct USF equivalent.
  • A transfer course with no direct equivalent at USF will display a placeholder course number of 1XX. These courses may be used to fulfill Core requirements where applicable.
  • Students only need to complete one course to fulfill each individual Core requirement.
  • If the transfer course does not meet a specific requirement, it may be used as elective credit.
  • USF makes every attempt to maintain the following equivalencies to ensure that the information is current for prospective transfer students.

This agreement is a menu of course options for planning purposes; you do not need to fulfill each area to be eligible for transfer to USF.

Discuss your path with a USF transfer admission counselor who can help you plan your courses.

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