OPE - Comp Time Earned


Hourly staff are encouraged to enter time at the end of each week, and submit at the end of the pay period. This job aid covers how Hourly Staff should enter Comp Time Earned. NOTE: Over Time and Comp Time must be approved in writing by a supervisor prior to being accrued.


  1. From the Home Page, click the Time worklet.OPE-Comp Time Earned
  2. Under the Enter Time column, select This Week.
    OPE-Comp Time Earned
    Note: Entering time for This Week will be the most common practice. The Last Week option will be used to review or correct previous time
    reported; the Select Week option will allow you to enter a specific date to view in the calendar.
    The calendar will open. In the top left are arrows to easily navigate to different weeks in the calendar. In the top right are real-time calculations for
    the time you have entered: Regular, Overtime, Overtime 2X, Paid Time Off, Comp Time (if applicable), and Total Hours.
    OPE-Comp Time Earned


  3. Click the day in the calendar for which you would like to enter time.
  4. In the Enter Time box, click the Time Type drop-down and select the appropriate Time Entry Code.
  5. You will only see Time Entry Codes available for your position: Regular Hours, or Overtime to Compensatory. Choose Overtime to Compensatory when entering overtime hours to accrue as Comp Time.
    OPE-Comp Time Earned
  6. Enter the number of Hours.
  7. IMPORTANT: If you work more than 7.5 hours in a day and want the additional hours to be paid as Overtime, instead of being accrued as Comp Time, simply enter the total hours worked for the day and Workday will automatically calculate the overtime.
  8. If you are eligible to cover any day or portion of a day with Comp time, you will need to create two separate time entries: one to enter the number of Regular Hours worked; and a second to enter the number of Compensatory Hours used.
  9. Note: Comp Time used may also be entered as a Time-Off Request using the Absence worklet.
  10. Click OK. The time entry will appear in your calendar with a status of "Not Submitted." Continue entering time for the week.
  11. Click Submit. Your request will then be sent for Manager Approval.


You can report any day or portion of a day that you used absence hours such as Sick, Bereavement, Jury Duty, Comp Time, etc. Also, if you previously requested time off, and the request was approved, you will be able to see these entries in your calendar as well.

  1. Click the day in the calendar for which OPE-Comp Time Earnedyou would like to use absence hours.
  2. In the Enter Time box, select the Time Type: Absence (instead of Time Entry Codes).
  3. Select the appropriate Absence. (In this example, we selected Comp time).

Note: You may need to use the scrollbar on the right of the drop down menu to see all absence types available.

  1. Enter the number of Hours.
  2. Click OK.


If your time has been previously submitted, and not yet approved, you will be able to make an update to your time-worked entry.

  1. Click the time entry in the calendar that you would like to edit.
  2. In the Enter Time box, make necessary edits to the Time Type, Absence Type, or Hours.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Click Submit. Your original time-worked entry will be revised and sent to your Manager for approval.