In support of university initiatives for cost containment and green business practices, the print driver is defaulted to double-sided black & white and is equipped withinformed print which provides each user the total cost of the job prior to releasing the print job.

In certain cases, software applications (such as Google Chrome) have a default print setting other than letter or legal. Please make sure to check this before sending your print job. 

Pricelist - Letter & Legal sizes

The USF Copy/Print program supplies Letter and Legal Size Paper Only.

Single-sided Letter8.5x11$0.07 per page$0.30 per page
Double-sided Letter8.5x11$0.14 per page$0.60 per page
Single-sided Legal8.5x14$0.07 per page$0.30 per page
Double-sided Legal8.5x14$0.14 per page$0.60 per page

Pricelist - Larger Paper

Printing on larger sized paper such as A3, Tabliod and Arch B will require user to supply paper.


Single-sided A311.69 x16.54$0.12 per page$0.60 per page
Double-sided A311.69 x16.54$0.24 per page$1.20 per page
Single-sided Tabloid11x17$0.12 per page$0.60 per page
Double-sided Tabloid11x17$0.24 per page$1.20 per page
Single-sided Arch B12x18$0.12 per page$0.60 per page
Double-sided Arch B12x18$0.24 per page$1.20 per page

Reprints & Refunds

The program does not provide refunds but a reprint may be requested for a job-quality issue such as ink smearing/streaking, paper jamming the release of your job

Please email your file (in .pdf format) to and include the following information: username, device ID number (found at the front of the device), black/white or color print, quantity, brief description of issue, and a contact number. A MRC technician will contact you when your job is ready for pick up.