Brittany Ong


Expected Graduation: May 2015 Hometown: Lafayette, CA

Major: Hospitality Management Minor: Health Studies

Three Words: Ambitious, Passionate, Precise

Why USF?

I originally chose to attend USF to get my education through the School of Nursing. To me, USF was one of the schools that allowed for learning in both classrooms and beyond. I wanted to be able to embrace the diversity of the school and the city throughout my college experience.

USF Involvement:

  • Nursing Student Association: I was part of NSA for two semesters during my time as a nursing student. As a part of membership, I completed community service hours.
  • Taiwanese / Chinese American Student Association: I was Vice President of TCASA for one year when we attempted to start this organization at USF. This was a cultural organization that held social events to celebrate the culture of both Taiwanese and Chinese American traditions.
  • Alpha Phi Omega: I used to hold the position of Service Vice President and am now the current President of Alpha Phi Omega. Alpha Phi Omega is a national co-ed fraternity that is founded on providing leadership, promoting friendship, and serving humanity.

Benefits of Involvement:

I would not be where I am today, had I not been so involved throughout my time at USF. Although I have been involved with several organizations, I credit majority of my gained skills and attributes to Alpha Phi Omega. Being a member and officer of Alpha Phi Omega taught me to be accepting of being outside of my comfort zone. I learned to step up and take responsibility for over 60 members and over 20 incoming members. Being involved has encouraged me to take chances, push my limits, and reach goals I would have never set before. In addition to this, I have had some of the most wonderful people touch my life, which I will forever be grateful for.


Leadership is a quality that any person can encompass. To be a leader, I believe one must set a consistent example for others to follow in order to make changes for the better. Leaders must be flexible and quick on their feet to think. I think it is crucial that leadership does not just stop at the door-- it carries on wherever one may be, whether that be in class, at a meeting, or just studying in a conference room. USF student leaders are able to "change the world from here" by making a positive difference in the community. These leaders have a genuine desire to encourage others to be the best of their abilities.

Advice to First Year Students:

I would encourage each and every new student to attend the involvement fairs, ask questions, and try new things. Getting involved as a new student at any school may seem intimidating, but one moment of butterflies is worth the solid friendships and accomplishments to come. Don't be afraid to try something new! Ask friends and classmates about what clubs and organizations they have heard of.

Favorite Place in City: AT&T Park

Random Fact: Baking is my passion! I love to make macarons in particular-- I even had the chance to make macarons for my sister's wedding! I love all things macaron-related.