Hector Martinez

Expected Graduation: May 2015 Hometown: South San Francisco, CA

Major: Accounting

Three Words: Determined, Trustworthy, Ambitious

Why USF?

I decided to attend the University of San Francisco because of the Dusk Til Don program. I remember meeting Norma Peniche at my high school and that was the first time I heard of USF. After experiencing time in the dorms and meeting some students I felt like USF was the place for me. USF also allowed me the opportunity to stay close to home which was important to me because of the bond I had with my parents and my older brother. The Muscat Scholars Program validated the feeling of hope I had because Charlene Lobo Soriano instantly became an amazing resource to me and I met some amazing people.

USF Involvement:

  • USEU President: In my freshman year I became president of U.S.E.U and although it was challenging it provided me and my peers the opportunity to steer the club in the direction that we wanted. We ran into some issues because there was not a strong structure once we assumed these eboard positions. However, we are continuing to trying to create that structure so that the students that come after us can understand what it is they need to do to operate a successful student led organization.
  • Finance Committee: As a member of the finance committee I recognize the responsibility that is placed on me to be a voting member on the budgets and proposals of organizations on campus. I feel empowered by having a voice and representing the student body in how their contributions are distributed to provide the best experience for all of us.
  • Undergraduate Representative: As an undergraduate representative on the board I felt honored to be among the people that make the important decisions for the school to operate smoothly. Again I felt an honor to represent the undergraduate students and tried to take in as much information as possible.
  • Beta Alpha Psi: Currently, I am in the process of becoming part of Beta Alpha Psi. I felt like it was a great opportunity for me to grow professionally along with other accounting majors. I feel fortunate to have created some solid bonds with people in my group and look forward to creating more memories as we continue to spend more time together.
  • Resident Advisor: When I first came to USF I was not exactly sure how I would fit into the culture. In my first year I quickly gained an interest into what my RA’s role was. I knew that I wanted students, specifically students of color to feel welcomed at a university. Oftentimes, the struggles students go through to get to college get over looked; however once we are in college we still need those resources to succeed in the classroom. I wanted to be that resource for students and I have done that by checking in with them about school personal life, and fun things to do in San Francisco.
  • Magis and Muscat Scholars Program Mentor: As a participant in these two activities, I became inspired to become a mentor because I felt I could provide support to the incoming freshman. During both I was able to create bonds that continued into the school year. I wanted them to enjoy the company that they shared because I knew how special both programs were to me and I wanted them to experience some of what I felt.

Benefits of Involvement:

I have been able to gain valuable leadership experience that I feel can be transferred into the business world after I graduate. The opportunity to collaborate with my peers to create a positive change in the USF has made me feel empowered to truly want to make a difference. In addition, being in these roles has helped me to communicate and understand people that come from different experiences than me. I feel at times it is easy to get caught up in differences we see in others, however I would rather embrace those differences because it allows us an opportunity to see things from a different lens.


Leadership is confidence in one’s ability to adapt to challenging circumstances with a level state of mind and being able to gather people to strive for a common goal. In order to create change, we need to connect with other like-minded individuals because there is power in numbers. After, it is imperative for someone to step up and be able to maintain positive relationships within a group so that everybody is pushing in the same direction.

Advice to First Year Students:

Just do it. There is always an opportunity to explore the city however think about the reasons you came to USF. Education is the consensus priority, and then what are you going to do with all that extra time. It is a great feeling being connected to other students and working together to establish some kind of event for everyone to enjoy. Sure there will be struggles along the way and for me overcoming those struggles made my experience fulfilling.

Favorite Place in City: Mission El Farolito Best burrito in SF

Random Fact: People don't believe me when I tell them my parents are under 5 foot 3 inches.