Laruen Voss


Expected Graduation: May 2015 Hometown: Upland, CA

Major: Nursing

Three Words: Driven, Passionate, Detail-Oriented

Why USF?

I applied on a whim as a Nursing major, even though I wasn't sure I wanted to be a nurse. When I toured USF, I loved the idea of going to a small school in one of the most eccentric and beautiful cities in the country. My tour guide also went the extra mile to talk to me about the nursing program and show me the skills lab.

USF Involvement:

  • As Kappa Alpha Theta charter class member and its first Chief Financial Officer, I first learned the meaning of sisterhood and the meaning of hard work! Theta set me up on my path to involvement here at USF and has provided support during my time here.
  • As ASUSF Greek Council President I've been the face and head of an ever-changing, ever-growing community of diverse brothers and sisters. During my time, we've added a new fraternity, chartered an existing one, created a Standards Board and completely changed our focus on values while drastically growing to over 200 members.
  • As a Peer Advisor, I've been able to help other organizations thrive. This year I've been the main point person for students creating new organizations, and I've been advising all organizations in Greek Life, CAB, Los Locos, Dons Marching Band and many others. It's been great to be apart of their work and assist as best as I can!

Benefits of Involvement:

The main things I've gained from my involvement is confidence and the knowledge that I have an entire family of friends behind me to pick me up again if I fall. Greek Life has completely changed my values on faith, friendship, and commitment to something bigger than myself. I'm so proud to come from the Greek community of values based organizations on a values based campus.

Balancing class work as a nursing student, working with the Peer Advising Team, and being Greek Council President has truly taught me the meaning of time management!  I've been able to connect with a vast group of people due to my involvement and meet students I wouldn't otherwise meet. It's also given me mentors who I know will be supportive of me not only for the rest of my USF career, but after I earn my degree.


Leadership is knowing the difference between being the boss and being a part of the team. During my time as Greek Council President and as a Peer Advisor, I've been able to identify what makes a bad leader and a good one. Good leaders are able to delegate, but also take part in the work. Leaders need to trust those they work with, commit to what values they believe in, and have confidence in their own abilities to make positive change within their communities.

Advice to First Year Students:

The most important thing is to get out of your dorm room and commit to something! It may seem big step to walk into a meeting where you may not know anyone or wander through Involvement Fair searching for clubs, but being involved at USF can expand your college experience and help you learn skills outside of the classroom!

Favorite Place in City: Blue Danube! Coffee, smoothies, friendly people, and good music!

Random Fact: I love bluegrass! Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival is the best city-wide event all year.