Sascha Rosemond


Expected Graduation: May 2015 Hometown: Pasadena, California

Major: Communication Studies Minor: Sociology

Two Words: Passionate, Drive

Why USF?

I chose USF because I felt at home. I was searching for a college experience that was more meaningful and would allow me to explore different parts of myself and be who I wanted to be. USF has given me that and so much more. I truly believe in the USF experience and its transformative nature.

USF Involvement:

  • ASUSF Senate: Student of Color Representative; Vice President of Mission; Student Philanthropy Committee
  • Kappa Alpha Theta: Human Resources Director; Greek Council Programming Delegate
  • Black Student Union
  • Sister Connection
  • Muscat Scholars Program: Peer Mentor

Benefits of Involvement:

I have gained a greater sense of self, confidence and a heightened awareness of how my actions affect my community.


As a student leader at USF we are cultivated to care about much more than ourselves. We are encouraged to be thoughtful about our actions and validate the experiences of those around us. I always joke that USF student leaders are too thoughtful but our Jesuit mission has so much power in our community. We are called to higher understanding of the world and cultural understanding that influences our actions in such amazing ways.

Advice to First Year Students:

Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. It is totally scary sometimes but you deserve all of the opportunities that are out there for you to take.

Favorite Place in City: Fort Mason

Random Fact: I was a Girl Scout for thirteen years. I'm obsessed with elephants. I don't know how to ride a bike. I am hypochondriac. I quote movies with deadly accuracy.