Keynote Speaker

Natalie Warne

Natalie Warne is a film producer, public speaker, and activist based in Los Angeles. She simultaneously served as the Associate Producer for the Connected Learning Alliance: an innovative education startup, backed by the MacArthur Foundation, that supports a growing network of individuals & organizations that promote equity, access, and opportunity for all learners.

Born and raised in Chicago, Natalie forwent university for the opportunity to tour the US advocating on behalf of the humanitarian aid organization, Invisible Children. What was supposed to be a five-month internship turned into three years of employment. During this time Natalie developed skills as a film editor, event producer, and public speaker, educating and mobilizing youth through nationwide campaigns featured on CNN and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

In between tours with Invisible Children, she lived and worked in Rwanda as a film producer. In 2011, Natalie was asked to give a TEDx Talk that was featured on, followed by a second in 2012 and a feature on NPR, all highlighting her experiences about engaging youth in social justice.

She has spoken at more than 150 schools nationally and internationally. She has delivered keynote speeches at Amnesty International, Rotary International Youth Alliance, and Apple, to name a few.