Programming Session 1

Below is the full list of programs offered for Programming Session 1.

Read through each of the descriptions below and select one that you wish to attend.

If a program room become full, you may be asked to attend another program session, so have a backup prepared!

Diverse Leadership for Diverse Communities: Where do I fit in?

Feliz Moreno, Advertising Admin at Mother Jones Magazine

Program Theme(s): Lenses

Location: Cowell 107

How would you describe your leadership style? In today's world, leaders have the responsibility of respecting and maneuvering a diverse population. This requires leaders to have a firm grasp of what his/her own strengths are and how to apply these. This discussion will encourage an understanding of how your role as a leader shifts from situation to situation, as well as what some of your weaknesses might be and how to tackle those.

The Giving and Receiving of Wisdom: Redefining Mentorship

Charlotte Salinas, Assistant Director for Orientation Programs

Czarina Livelo, GO Team Team Leader & CAB Street Team Director

Program Theme(s): Lenses & Focus

Location: Kalmanovitz Hall 111

What does your mentorship look like? In this session we will examine how society views mentoring and 4 organizing principles to remove colonialism from how we mentor. Participants will also develop strategies of how to implement the 4 organizing principles in their own mentoring.

Self Talk: (-4)^2=16

Natalie Munoz, Academic Success Coach and Director of Global Programs

Program Theme(s): Lenses

Location: Cowell 414

Internalized racism and sexism alludes to the moment you as an individual start to allow the systems around you to caste doubt on your abilities and aspirations. As human beings, we are constantly talking to ourselves. Self-talk is an internal dialogue that can affect your confidence and self-esteem. It’s very easy for social media, news, music, politics and television to negatively impact our self-talk. In this interactive workshop students will have an opportunity to reflect on their negative self talk and discuss how to change it from negative to positive. Leadership isn't just about obtaining certain skills it's about having the confidence in yourself and believing that your vision has the power to positively influence the lives of others.

Womxn in Leadership: Picture How You Lead

Jazlynn G. Eugenio Pastor, Resident Advisor for the Esther Madriz Diversity Scholars and Cultural Director of USF Kasamahan

Program Theme(s): Lenses & Focus

Location: Cowell 312

How do our identities as womxn influence us as leaders? Come and share what being a leader means to you, and how we can break the stereotypes that are placed on us within our work spaces. Let’s picture how we can become stronger womxn in leadership together. All gender identities are welcome.

Supporting Self Care in Undergraduate and Graduate Students - A Biopsychosocial Approach

Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Program Theme(s): Filters

Location: Kalmanovitz Hall 163

This presentation invites all members of the campus community to learn, discuss and strategize methods of managing the many stressors of being a university student in the current socipolitical climate. Using a Biopsychosocial Approach, this presentation will provide participants with methods of assessing current well-being and/or burn out, and will provide participants with concrete strategies for managing stress.

Social Movements & the Mission

Shaya Kara, ASUSF President

Program Theme(s): Filters & Focus

Location: Kalmanovitz Hall 367

How can we achieve justice in the context of a Jesuit education? Working towards justice involves creating systems of accountability, coalition building, and a dedicated focus on inclusive excellence. Learn about how leveraging the mission can aid the movement towards social justice and raise the consciousness of our community.

A-Z's to Plan an Event

Nicole-Jocelyn Sanchez, Peer Advising Team (PAT) Event Funding Liaison

Program Theme(s): Focus

Location: Kalmanovitz Hall 167

We all vary in expertise when it comes to putting on a workshop, social, or signature event for the membership and/or even the greater USF community. Aspects like funding, publicity, and event brainstorming/mapping are all important in bringing your visions to life. Come join the Peer Advisors to learn more about ways you can improve your event planning skills for your organization and get in the know on how you can better utilize your resources at the office of Student Leadership and Engagement.

The Power of Perspective: Facilitating Meaning Making and Conflict Resolution in Teams

Brittany Sanguma, Assistant Director for Campus Engagement

Program Theme(s): Filters

Location: Kalmanovitz Hall 363

Oftentimes conflict in teams is a result of differences in styles, preferences, or expectations. Through better understanding what informs our thinking process and decision making we can minimize conflict. This session will equip you with tools to take back to your team to facilitate conversations on how understanding our own perspectives and what informs the perspectives of others can minimize conflict, as well as, resolving and mediating conflict when it does arise.

Lead Through Creativity

Mohammad Aldawaleebi, Peer Advisor for the Peer Advising Team (PAT)

Program Theme(s): Lenses

Location: Cowell 314

Are you struggling developing your organization, developing new ideas, and building a creative team? Join us to add more to your leadership skills on organizational and team development as we will talk about experimental innovation, developing situations through actions, and building an effective team.

Who Are We and What Do We Bring?

Rich Dillon, Associate Director for Campus Programs

Program Theme(s): Lenses & Filters

Location: Cowell 316

Appreciating fully the individuals on your team and what you each have to offer is essential to being effective student leaders. You meet with your group every week, if not more. How well do you really know the individuals you work with and how everyone's unique experience can contribute to success – including your own? Your lived experience affects the way you lead. This workshop is designed to offer you the opportunity to be a part of an exercise that helps you better realize how your story and those of the people around you can create change. Additionally, we will provide you with the tools and program knowledge to take this workshop back to your organization and use it to strengthen your own team.