Programming Session 3

Below is the full list of programs offered for Programming Session 3.

Read through each of the descriptions below and select one that you wish to attend.

If a program room become full, you may be asked to attend another program session, so have a backup prepared!

Look What I Can Do!

Eric Dong, USF Admissions Counselor

Program Theme(s): Focus

Location: Cowell 317

Team work makes the dream work! Come participate in this interactive session which emphasizes working together through effective communication.

Making Your Own Impact

Pearci Bastiany, President - Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Upsilon Rho Chapter

Program Theme(s): Lenses

Location: Kalmanovitz Hall 163

Are you dedicated to increasing the diversity of this University for the upcoming class of 2021? Join us as we discuss what we can do as student leaders can do to increase the number of applications to USF from students of color within the San Francisco Unified School District. Additionally, participants will be working with some students from Mission High School's African American Male Achievement program to brainstorm collaboration ideas.

It’s Not That Scary: How to Work with Your Designers

Megan Badilla, Graphics Center Manager
Chandler Oseland, Graphic Center Assistant Manager

Program Theme(s): Lenses & Filters

Location: Cowell 417

Do you have an exciting event coming up, but don't know how to advertise it? See from the perspective of designers how to collaborate effectively to create the best marketing strategy for your events. We will be discussing how clients can help themselves by helping their designers.

Maintaining a Cohesive and Transitional Organization

Francesca Bitton, ASUSF Vice President of Internal Affairs

Program Theme(s): Focus

Location: Cowell 414

One common reason for why organizations fail is because of a lack in ability to maintain members. However, creating bonding opportunities and retreats that incorporate exercises and identify the core mission of said organization can easily solve this. Team building and understanding the varying types of identities and personalities in an organization adds to its cohesiveness and longevity. Additionally, it is important to identify the persons who will continue an organization when the year comes to a close, because without a successful transition into the new year, organizations can fail.

Time for Success: Taking Control of your Time

Edwin Alarid, Graduate Intern for Student Leadership & Engagement

Program Theme(s): Focus

Location: Cowell 314

Proper time management is a key way to success. Planning for deadlines and prioritizing is something that is not on everyone's mind every day. We will be discussing new ways of managing your time with apps, tools, and school resources. Join for an engaging program on taking control of time.

Special Interest Programs

**Attending one of these programs lasts for Sessions 2 & 3**

Student Organization President Round Table

Shaya Kara, ASUSF President

Program Theme(s): Lenses, Filters, & Focus

Location: Kalmanovitz Hall 367

Are you the President of your organization? If so, join us for a roundtable discussion! We will discuss our goals for the year, initiatives, collaboration opportunities, best practices, and self-care strategies.

New Member Education Process

Mackayme Gutierrez, Greek Council Vice President for Membership
Greek Council Executive Board

Location: Harney 232

This session is for New Members of the Greek Community here at USF. These sessions will focus on learning about the Greek community here at USF as well as important information that will better serve New Members as they join the Greek Community.