Master of Arts in Urban Education and Social Justice (UESJ)

The Master of Arts in Teaching: Urban Education and Social Justice (UESJ) is designed to prepare candidates to teach K-12 students in urban schools. This degree program focuses on issues of diversity and equity with the specific aim of helping candidates practice transformative teaching.

Students in the UESJ program will explore critical, transformative pedagogies as a part of their preparation to teach in urban schools. The UESJ curriculum focuses on the complex learning strengths and needs of urban students from diverse cultural, educational, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Candidates will learn through a combination of coursework, fieldwork, action research, and professional development activities.

UESJ Specific Courses

TEC-618 Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice (Fall)

TEC-611 The Education of Bilingual Children: Theory and Practice (Spring)

In addition to the Teacher Education credential coursework, students enroll in two post-credential masters course

TEC-658 Critical Pedagogy & Cultural Studies in Urban Education (Fall)

This course is designed to give students access to theoretical and grounded research in the field of critical pedagogy. Special attention is given to enacting research and teaching tools to create pedagogical units that align theory and practice with a focus on examining and achieving social equity. Students will be given access to research and examples of advanced pedagogies that stimulate the cognitive and academic development of historically marginalized students.

  • Prerequisite: TEC 618 with a minimum grade of B- and TEC 611 with a minimum grade of B-
  • Offered Fall semester only.

TEC-659 Action Research & Service Learning for Urban Teachers (Spring)

This course will prepare students to analyze classroom-related data to conduct a field component project. It will prepare students to engage in practical critical reflection that recognizes the complexity of context-specific conditions and supports their efforts to create local solutions for local problems.

  • Prerequisite: TEC 618 with a minimum grade of B- and TEC 611 with a minimum grade of B-
  • Offered Spring semester only.

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