Thursday, Sep 15
University Facilities and on-site contractors have finalized the relocation of the pipe and the work has passed inspection with Pacific Gas & Electric. Gas service is now being restored back to each lower campus building one by one.
Thursday, Sep 15
We write with a Thursday morning update on the gas leak on lower campus. 
Wednesday, Sep 14
An evening update on the gas leak and subsequent gas outage impacting lower campus
Wednesday, Sep 14
At approximately 8 a.m. a new leak was identified near the area of the gas leak that occurred on Aug.17, 2022. At this time, gas to all lower campus buildings is currently off to assess the situation and make repairs.
Thursday, Aug 11
The Malloy Athletics Practice Facility will be an elevated one-story horizontal addition to the existing War Memorial Gymnasium (WMG) building.
Tuesday, Jul 26
Facilities Management will undertake a streamline maintenance/replacement project on the lower campus. The work will involve excavation of current streamline infrastructure, replacement, and re-paving in Welch Field and in nearby pathways. 
Tuesday, May 24
Please be advised that the Hilltop Campus area has experienced an uptick in catalytic converter thefts.
Wednesday, Jul 28
As you know, wildfires are currently burning in California and across the western United States, disrupting lives and destroying property.