CARD 2020 Award Winners

Abstract Awards

Best Abstract (Graduate) - James Zumel Dumlao,  Innovation Dynamics of Cultural Production: Evidence in Rap Lyrics (MS International and Development Economics)

Best Abstract (Undergraduate) - Marcello B. Kuan, Christina Tran,  Phylogenies of Foliar Microbes Within Cover Crops in an Organic Cropping System (Biology) 


Best Oral Presentation in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (Graduate) - Brian Andersen, Stuart Blackwell, Lindsay Miller, Shen Shen, Serena Calcagno,  Building Towards "Best Practices" - Addressing Food Insecurity with Progressive Values ​​(MA International Studies)

Best Oral Presentation in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (Undergraduate) -  Ymari Stephens,  The Nature/ Culture Distinction: How Dissociating from Nature Created Generations of Apathy (Philosophy)

Best Oral Presentation in the Sciences (Graduate) Michelle Hartwick, Evaluating Body Condition in Bearded, Ringed, and Spotted Seals (MS Biology)

Best Oral Presentation in the Sciences (Undergraduate) Bingyu Wang, Kaixin Li,  Comparison of classical statistical models on COVID-19 prediction (Mathematics, Finance)

Best Use of Graphics in the Sciences  Fiona Conneely,  Give Peas a Chance: Identifying Local Analogues of First-Light Galaxies (Physics)

Furthest Presenters from USF  Aaron Anderson,  Good's Irreducibility: The Discordancy Argument (Philosophy) AND  Ryan McWay,  Cruising Through School: General Equilibrium Effects of Cruise Ship Arrivals on Education and Employment (Economics)

Best Example of "Rising Above"  Andrew A. McReynolds,  Impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic on Higher Education (Psychology) 


Best Poster (Graduate) - Sophia Lyon, Investigations of southern sea otter foraging ecology at the northern range extent (Biology)

Best Poster (Undergraduate) Sabrina Ortiz, How Do Children and Adolescents Reason About Excluding an Unhelpful In-group Member? (Psychology)

Runner-Up Poster (Graduate) - Alec Chiono, Testing the Climate Variability Hypothesis in coast-inland systems using the widespread plant Erythranthe guttata (Biology)

Runner-Up Poster (Undergraduate)  Ria Angelica Laxa,  Using Scanning Electron Microscopy and Morphologic Characteristics to Identify Centric Diatom Species in San Francisco Bay​​​​​​​ (Biology)

Best Use of Graphics in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences  Aya Doslu, Sarah Hamilton,  Promoting Equity, Inclusion and Diversity in Outdoor Education: USFCA Design’s Partnership with Point Bonita YMCA (Design)