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Our country’s history swells with populations, industries, and political systems unique in diversity and complexity. A deep understanding of these cultures is essential to their success in the future. So we’re preparing students to raise difficult questions and offer big ideas to shape a more just 21st century.

The Critical Diversity Studies curriculum engages students in critical analyses of the historical and contemporary social construction of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, citizenship, and religion. Our students will develop an all-around understanding of the complexities within our cultural landscape. Graduates are uniquely prepared to work in diverse contexts, including: human resources, education, social work, nonprofit and for profit management, policy research and implementation, the law, and civic administration.

Major or Minor in CDS!

All CDS majors must complete (20) units of foundation courses, including history, intersectional theory, research methods, expressions of diversity, and a capstone project., To learn more about these requirements, consult the General Catalog.

CDS students also complete (20) units of elective courses in their choice of concentration/minor. Students have the option to declare a comparative concentration, choosing courses in a variety of disciplines and concentrations. Contact the CDS office or a program director for further advising.

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African American Studies
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Critical Diversity Studies
Prof. Evelyn Rodriguez, Director

African American Studies
Prof. Ja'nina Garrett-Walker, Director

Asian Pacific American Studies
Prof. Genevieve Leung, Director (on sabbatical)
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Chican@/Latin@ Studies
Prof. Roberto Gutierrez Varea, Director

Gender & Sexualities Studies
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