The Davies Forum

Each semester a different group of selected students called Davies Scholars participates in the interdisciplinary Davies Seminar under the direction of that semester's Davies Professor.

Spring 2019

Silicon Valley Uncovered

Taught by Tamara Kneese, Media Studies

Once known for its vast plum and apricot orchards, the stretch of land comprising the Santa Clara Valley is now home to major corporations like Intel, Google, Facebook, and Apple. Silicon Valley is a hub of innovation, so-called disruption, and a booming tech economy. It is also a place of extreme wealth inequality. San Jose was the birthplace of Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers Movement. Today, as Google plans to build a “village” in downtown San Jose, the many janitors, cafeteria staff, security officers, and other contract workers who power tech campuses are also fighting for recognition and living wages in one of the most expensive regions of the US.

Going beyond stereotypes of Soylent and scooters, we will uncover both historical and contemporary cultures in Silicon Valley. In this Davies Forum, we will critically approach the imaginaries associated with Silicon Valley as a place and an idea, especially looking at the structural inequalities that allow the tech industry to flourish. How do Silicon Valley narratives impact the San Francisco Bay Area and the broader world? What new forms of collectivity and organizing, as well as oppression, are emerging in this changing landscape?