Part-Time Faculty New Hire Checklist

In order to access most University services and benefits, you must first complete your new hire paperwork in Workday. After you receive your "Letter of Intent to Hire (LOI)," you will receive two "welcome" emails from One will include a link to Workday and your temporary username, and the other will include your temporary password. Use the provided username and password to log into Workday and complete all of the forms in your inbox. Refresh the page after completing each form to prompt Workday to send you your next task.

If you cannot locate these emails or cannot log in to Workday with the provided information, please reply back to the email in which you received your Letter of Intent for assistance.

Please complete your I-9 Employment Eligibility form and other new hire paperwork as soon as possible, and no later than your first day of work. If the paperwork is not submitted to Human Resources in a timely manner, your employment may be terminated.

Your I-9 Documents must be verified in person by an authorized staff member at USF no later than three days after your first day teaching. 

Make an appointment to verify your I9 documents

If you are not currently living in the state of California and/or will not be teaching in-person at one of USF Campuses, please email

When faculty are first onboarded, they will receive a temporary username and password to log in to Workday to complete their onboarding tasks. Once they complete the first three tasks, including “Edit Government ID,” their permanent USF username and email will be generated. 

USF is no longer issuing physical OneCards automatically. If you do not have a smartphone, you can contact the OneCard Office directly by emailing If you do have a smartphone and need to set up your mobile OneCard, follow the OneCard Setup Instructions.

The Provost’s Office holds a new adjunct orientation typically before every fall semester. The orientation acquaints new adjunct faculty with the University, its Mission and culture, and its practices and operations. Please contact the Provost Office at for additional information.

Adjunct faculty who are teaching lectures are expected to keep regular office hours and be available to students without a previous appointment. Adjunct faculty must post a schedule and strictly observe the schedule for office hours (CBA Article 10.2). The College requires a minimum of 15 minutes per week per unit of teaching, which equates to at least one hour per week for a 4-unit course. 

Adjunct Faculty members are not assigned individual offices, but they all have access to the shared office space on the fourth floor of Gleeson Library on Main Campus, which includes private lockers, meeting rooms, and computer resources; contact for more information.