Assessment of Student Learning

Faculty, students, and staff engage in ongoing assessment activities in the College of Arts & Sciences in order to understand how students are learning and identify ways to improve the academic experience at USF. Assessment is conducted at multiple levels beginning with individual courses and moving through our academic programs, the College, and the institution. The Dean's office provides assessment support for the College. 

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All programs in the College of Arts & Sciences conduct ongoing evaluation of student learning by assessing each Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) between program reviews and exploring questions about student learning. Deadlines for annual reports, report templates, FDCD contact information, and resources for completing annual assessment are held here.

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Academic Program Review (APR) is a process of regular, systematic evaluation at the program-level that creates space for reflection and facilitates conversations about the future of the program between faculty and administrators. This page holds the APR calendar, important contact information, and resources for conducting the review. 

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