Core Assessment (2015 - 2020)

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Core Assessment Timeline

USF's Core Curriculum underwent a full assessment that encompassed all six Core Areas - A, B, C, D, E, and F. The team that led the assessment effort, called the Core Assessment Working Group or CAWG, completed the process in Summer of 2020. Below, you can find the reports generated for each area which explains the goal, the process, and the findings.

USF in conjunction with the Core Advisory Committee has now (as of Fall 2020) entered the next stage where the reports are being studied with a goal to prepare a white paper on the State of the Core and Future Steps.

Assessment Timelines

About the Core Assessment Process at USF

To ensure and facilitate student mastery of Core Learning Outcomes, USF has developed a process for Core Assessment consistent with WASC best practices. This process utilizes rubrics developed by content experts from each of the 11 core areas. Once developed, each of these rubrics was reviewed and approved by the Core Advisory Committee. These rubrics are then used by faculty experts to rate sample student work products. 

The process of Core Assessment is overseen by the CAWG: faculty representatives from Arts, Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences.

Please find more information, such as current members of CAWG, rubrics used in the process, and reports on the results of Core Assessment, below.

 Core Assessment Work Group (CAWG) Members

  • Chair and Sciences Representative: Tracy Benning, Environmental Science
  • Arts Representative: Christine Young, Performing Arts and Social Justice
  • Humanities Representative: Ryan Van Meter, English
  • Social Sciences Representative:  Eve-Anne Doohan, Communication Studies
  • Other members who have served in CAWG - Ronald Sundstrom (Philosophy), Joshua Gamson (Sociology) and Yaniv Stopnitzky (Economics)

Core Assessment Rubrics and Reports