Core Area Committees

Core Area Committees discuss proposed course designations via email and, when necessary, meet as a group. Faculty seeking a core designation(s) for a course must submit a proposal. Learn more about the process on our Courses page.

USF Core Breadth Policy

Students may receive their only exposure to an area of academic study that is not in their major through the university CORE. Because of this, CORE courses should generally be introductory survey courses that provide an introduction to an academic discipline, or a broad area of an academic discipline, rather than specialized courses that examine a specific area in more depth. The exception to this breadth requirement is First Year Seminars/Transfer Student Seminars. 

USF Core Turf Policy

The expectation is that Core area classes are taught by faculty with training, expertise, and affiliation in the associated disciplines of the Core areas. Exceptions must be approved by appropriate department chair.

Members: Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

Area A: Foundations of Communication

  • Chair, Rhetoric and Language: Ted Matula
  • Public Speaking Director: Leigh Meredith
  • Composition Director: Cathy Gabor
  • SOM: Kimberly Rae Connor

Area B: Math and Sciences

  • Chair, Kinesiology: Karen Francis (Fall 2018), Shannon Siegel (Spring 2019)
  • Biology: Jennifer Dever
  • Chemistry: Lawrence Margerum
  • Computer Science: David Wolber
  • Environmental Science: John (Jack) Lendvay
  • Mathematics: Cornelia Van Cott
  • Physics: Brandon Brown

Area C: Humanities

  • Chair, English: Bruce Snider
  • History: Heather Hoag
  • Modern & Classical Languages: Zhiqiang Li

Area D: Philosophy and Theology

  • Chair, Philosophy: Marjolein Oele
  • Theology & Religious Studies: Vijaya Nagarajan
  • SOM: Marco Tavanti

Area E: Social Sciences

  • Chair, Media Studies: Susana Kaiser
  • Communication Studies: Eve-Anne Doohan
  • Economics: Elizabeth Katz
  • International Studies: John Zarobell
  • Politics: Annick Wibben
  • Psychology: Lisa Wagner
  • Sociology: Evelyn Rodriguez
  • Urban Studies: Tanu Sankalia

Area F: Visual and Performing Arts

  • Chair, Art + Architecture: Rachel Beth Egenhoefer
  • Performing Arts and Social Justice: Peter Novak