College Curriculum Committee

The College Curriculum Committee (CCC) is tasked with approving proposals for new academic programs, changes to existing academic programs, and Cultural Diversity (CD) course designations.

Note: The Service Learning (SL) graduation requirement and designation will be phased on beginning in Fall 2019 as USF adopts instead the Community Engaged Learning (CEL) designation. Faculty developing proposals for CEL-designated courses should build the course and syllabus around the new CEL learning outcomes and dimensions, posted here. Please contact the Community Engaged Learning (CEL) Committee co-chairs for further details and resources for developing CEL courses.


Meeting Schedule and Submissions

The CCC reviews program and course proposals only after they have been approved by the Area Associate Dean. Many proposals require revision prior to Area AD approval. Faculty are therefore strongly encouraged to submit program and course proposals on Curriculog at least 4 weeks prior to the CCC date on which they wish their proposal to be reviewed by the CCC. The CCC meets 5-6 times per semester. 

Past agendas can be viewed on Curriculog (in the agenda archive) and current agendas can be viewed in Curriculog (in agendas).

FALL 2020 meeting dates

  • August 31
  • September 21
  • October 12
  • November 2
  • November 23
  • December 14


Elected Members

Zifei Fay Chen, Communication Studies (through Fall 2021)

Herman Nikolayevskiy, Chemistry (through Spring 2023)

Nicole Thometz (Faculty Co-Chair), Biology (through Spring 2021)

Stephanie Vandrick, Rhetoric & Language (through Spring 2021)

Ryan Van Meter, English (through Spring 2023)

Appointed Members

Joshua Gamson (Administrative Co-Chair), Academic Assistant Dean

Liat Berdugo, Art + Architecture (through Fall 2022; on leave Fall 2020)

Jeffrey Paris, Associate Dean of Arts & Humanities

Committee Staff

Tina Lieu, Assistant University Registrar for Curriculum and Degree Audit

Marvella Luey, Assistant Dean, Academic & Faculty Services

Ella Frazer, Committee Administrative Support


Please contact Ella Frazer or Joshua Gamson