College Curriculum Committee

The College Curriculum Committee (CCC) is tasked with approving proposals for new academic programs, changes to existing academic programs, and course designations for service learning and cultural diversity courses.


Meeting Schedule

The CCC reviews program and course proposals only after they have been approved by the Area Associate Dean. Many proposals require revision prior to Area AD approval. Faculty are therefore strongly encouraged to submit program and course proposals at least 4 weeks prior to the CCC date on which they wish their proposal to be reviewed by the CCC.

Fall 2018 Meeting Dates

All dates on Monday:

  • Aug. 27
  • Sep. 17
  • Sep. 24
  • Oct. 8
  • Oct. 22
  • Nov. 5
  • Dec. 3


Elected Members

Ryan West (Co-Chair), Professor, Chemistry (through Spring 2020)

Michelle LaVigne, Professor - Rhetoric & Language (through Spring 2020; on leave Spring 2019)

Brandi Lawless, Professor - Social Sciences (through Fall 2018)

Zifei Fay Chen, Professor - Social Sciences (from Spring 2019 through Fall 2021)

Nicole Thometz, Professor - Biology (through Spring 2021)

Stephanie Vandrick, Professor - Rhetoric & Language (through Spring 2021)

Appointed Members

Joshua Gamson (Co-Chair), Academic Assistant Dean

Eileen Fung, Associate Dean of Arts & Humanities

Catherine Lusheck, Professor - Art + Architecture (through Fall 2019)

Pamela Balls Organista, Associate Dean of Social Sciences

Christina Tzagarakis-Foster, Associate Dean of Sciences

Committee Staff

Alexander Archer, Assistant University Registrar

Marvella Luey, Assistant Dean, Academic & Faculty Services

Jasmine Minhas, Committee Administrative Support


Please contact Joshua Gamson -