Dean's Scholar Award

The Dean's Scholar Award program of the College of Arts and Sciences aims to recognize exceptional scholarly work by faculty in the college. In early fall every academic year, the Dean invites applications from any full-time faculty member in the College of Arts and Sciences through an email notification to all full-time faculty members.


In recognition of their scholarly accomplishments, the faculty member recognized as Dean's Scholar for a given academic year receives a purse of $10,000, ideally split between research/scholarly activity funding and direct stipend money.


The Dean's Scholar award is designed to recognize a recent and important contribution to a field of knowledge. Depending on the field, this contribution could be a series of articles, a book, an art installation, performance, etcetera. The main criteria are that the project has made a contribution to a field of knowledge or creative expression that is of great scholarly or artistic merit. Additionally, this work must have been completed while a member of the University of San Francisco College of Arts and Sciences faculty.

Additional Information

One Dean's Scholar is recommended from the three divisions within the College of Arts and Sciences: Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences by the Dean's Scholar committee comprising of the Faculty Director of Research (Chair of the committee), the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs & Strategic Initiatives (Co-chair of the committee) and faculty representatives who are past Dean's Scholar Award recipients. The Dean's Scholar is recognized at a reception during the Spring Semester every year.

Application Guidelines

Faculty members should submit the following materials in PDF form (if possible) to the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Effectiveness:

  • A title page, including the applicant's name and departmental affiliation.
  • A one paragraph summary statement of the submitted work.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • The name and affiliation of a person writing an external letter of support, including a brief explanation of the faculty member's relationship to this person.
  • A narrative (no longer than 5 pages double-spaced) that provides an explanation of the research, scholarly, or creative activity and specifically addresses its merit and impact. Part of the narrative may also include the impact of your work with respect to mentoring graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Relevant samples of the work. This can include copies of articles, books, book chapters, conference proceedings, photographs of art exhibits, videos of performances, etc. Physical materials may be submitted to the Dean's Office.
  • One external letter of support from an expert in the field. Please instruct your recommender to discuss the contribution and impact of your work to a specific area of scholarship or creative expression.


Please contact Liza Locsin,