Processing of Reimbursements


To receive reimbursement for travel expenses, you will need to submit an expense report electronically through the Concur system. Be sure to include a copy of your award letter. Faculty are expected to process their own reimbursements; program assistants have been trained on this and can provide guidance, but tracking awards and submitting expense reports for faculty is outside of the scope of their job. Expense reports should be submitted within 10 days of the completion of travel; retroactive travel reimbursement requests (only for expenses incurred in the fiscal year as your TDF award) should be submitted as soon as possible after the relevant TDF Award is made. If you do not yet have Concur access or know how to use it, please consult these instructions and this tutorial

International Travel

For expenses incurred overseas (rarely supported by TDF) please include original receipts (or quotes) in the country’s currency with an expense report completed in US dollars. When converting to US dollars for international travel, the University requires that receipts be converted on the day of the expense or final bill. Please go online to one of the converters and be sure to include the exact date of conversions (and not the current day’s date). Each conversion for each receipt must have a printed copy of the conversion from the online converter submitted with the receipt.

Meal Reimbursements

The expense type to use for food is Meal Allotment 716430, and no receipt is required. Instead, attach the TDF award letter in the meal receipt area.

Direct deposit

Reimbursement is typically by direct deposit into your bank account. If you have not set this up, please download a reimbursement direct deposit form and email the completed form to Note that this form is different from the direct deposit form for salary.

Airline Tickets

Purchasing airline tickets without using a personal credit card is an option for faculty. In the College of Arts & Sciences, this is done with the assistance of the CAS Office of Operations, which uses a “ghost P-card” for airline tickets. If you are a CAS faculty member, please contact Dan Dao ( for details; in other schools, please contact your Dean's Office.