Lab Safety

Providing health and safety guidance for local, state, and federal regulations.


Laboratory Safety Policy (Appendix A: CHP)
This Policy Includes the Chemical Hygiene Plan which is Appendix A.

Record of Safety Training
Complete after performing a training and give copy to Lab Safety Manager.

USF Incident Report
Complete after a Laboratory Injury, Near Miss, Chemical or Biological Spill and give a copy to the Lab Safety Manager.

USF Laboratory Self Assessment Form
Completed annually, kept in the laboratory, and give a copy to the Lab Safety Manager.

USF Hazardous Waste Guidelines
All generators of Hazardous Waste must read and sign this form.

USF Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

USF Biology Safety Contract
All Biology Students are required to read and sign this contract.

USF Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan
Anyone doing research with human blood should be aware of this plan.

USF Form for Newly Synthesized Chemicals
This form is required for the creation of a new chemical or substance. Professors must make known the existence of hazardous properties (physical and toxicity related) to laboratory personnel.

USF Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Template
Complete for the documentation of Hazardous Processes, Chemical Use, or Chemical Class procedures.

Biology Laboratory Course Standard Operating Procedures
This form outlines the responsibilities of all Biology Instructors.

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