Environmental Health & Safety

USF Air Quality Information

Mission Statement

The Environmental Health & Safety Office (EH&S) provides guidance and services to protect the health and safety of the University through compliance with local, state, and federal environmental and occupational health and safety laws and regulations. This includes the management of hazardous materials and wastes, as well as the occupational health and safety practices related to the safe use of these materials.

Contact Us:

  • When disposing of hazardous waste.
  • When changing a process that requires a permit.
  • When accidents or spills occur involving hazardous materials.
  • When specific or general environmental, health, and safety questions arise.
  • When specific or general environmental, health, and safety training is required.
  • When starting a new process or procedure that may require regulatory approval.
  • When labs change or start new processes involving hazardous materials or generating hazardous waste.
  • When remodeling or performing any actions that may impact ceilings, walls, or floors of offices and other university spaces.