Respiratory Protection Training

Cal OSHA's Respiratory Protection (Title 8, General Industry Safety Order 5144) requires that individuals who are required to use respirators must complete the Respiratory Protection Training. 

While respirator protection is effective, it should never be used as a substitute for adequate engineering, administrative methods, and/or correct work practices. 

Supervisors are responsible for:

  • employees that use respirators are medically evaluated and receive both respirator fit testing and respirator fit training.
  • ensuring respirators and accessories are available.
  • the maintenance and proper storage of respirator equipment.
  • employees using respirators when the task requires proper respiratory protection.
  • reporting problems, equipment changes, or procedure changes that could affect employee exposure to the Environmental Health and Safety Office.

All individuals must have medical clearance on file prior to fit testing.


Respirator Fit Testing - What Supervisors Need to Know

Respiratory Protection Training


When taking training...

  • always ask your supervisor what "Title" to input.
  • always use your USFCA email when prompted.