Performing Arts Department



The Performing Arts Department trains young artists to create a humane and just society through their craft. We see performance as a powerful tool for promoting positive change.


Degree Requirements



Faculty & Staff

Department Chair
Peter Novak
(415) 422-4110
Dance Coordinator and Advisor
Amie Dowling
(415) 422-4888
Dance Coordinator and Advisor
Megan Nicely
(415) 422-3318
Music Coordinator and Advisor
Alexandra Amati
(415) 422-2072
Music Coordinator and Advisor
Byron Au Yong
(415) 422-4368
Theater Coordinator and Advisor
Roberto Varea
(415) 422-2071
Production Manager and Advisor
Gabe Maxson
(415) 422-5991
Tech and Design Coordinator
Joshua McDermott
(415) 422-6134
Program Manager
C. Whyler Neubauer
(415) 422-3722
Program Assistant
Andrea Hendrickson
(415) 422-5979