Collections/ Delinquent Accounts

A collection hold is placed on accounts with outstanding balances from a prior term. A collection hold will prevent a student from continued registration until the balance is paid in full. The University of San Francisco will allow monthly payments to be made on a delinquent account. However, the collection hold will remain until the balance is paid in full. Failure to pay an account balance or any monies owed to the University of San Francisco by the scheduled due date, and failure to make acceptable payment arrangements to bring an account current, may result in USF referring the delinquent account to a third party collection agency. Payments can be made on View and Pay.

Please fill out the form below to contact the USF Collections Coordinator or request to make a payment arrangement.


Delinquent Student Accounts Contact Form

Is the account you are inquiring about more than one term past due?
Has a DA (delinquent) hold been placed on the account?

If you answered no to one of the above questions, your account may not be considered deliquent. Please log into the Student Self-Service to view your holds. If you do not have a DA hold, you may make payment on View and Pay or contact the Student Accounts Office for all payment inquiries. You may contact the Student Accounts Office by phone at 415-422-2571 or by email at

Has the account been referred to a third-party collections agency?
Are you inquiring about how to make payment because you no longer have access to View and Pay?
If you do not have access to View and Pay, please use the following link to make payment on a deliquent account:

You do not have to submit this form if the payment link satisfies your inquiry.

Check this box if you would like to receive information about a scheduled payment plan for the delinquent account.