Muscat Scholars Program - Family Application

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Our application process for Summer 2018 now closed. Applications received after the May 1st will be considered on a space available basis.

We realize that not every MSP Scholar will have a parent/family member that can fill out this portion of the application. If this is the case, please identify an adult who is willing to answer these questions. If you are an applicant for MSP and are filling this out on behalf of your parent, please indicate this is the case in the application below. We are happy to accept this form in other languages other than English.

Applications for the Muscat Scholars Program is highly competitive with priority for seating reserved for INVITED First-Generation College Students.

Asterisk (*) indicates the field is required.

ApplicationStudent First and Last Name *Student Birth Date (mm/dd/yy) *Parent/Family Member Name *Relationship to Applicant *What is your relationship to the applicant? (ex.: Father, Brother, Mentor, etc.)Parent/Family Member Email *Parent/Family Contact Phone Number *Please list three words that best describe your student who is applying to the Muscat Scholars Program. Why did you choose each word? *What challenges does your student face at the University of San Francisco? *Letter to Student *If you were to write a letter to your student as they begin their college career that would be given to them during the program, what would you say? Please address the letter to your student directly. In event of your student being selected to the program, this letter may be shared with them.

Please remember that your application and the student application must be all received in order for the application to be complete and considered for acceptance into the program. 

Student applicants: If for whatever reason, you do not have a family member who can fill out this application, please email the Program Director, Dr. Charlene Lobo Soriano at