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NCFDD: Faculty Success Program Fall 2023

CRASE and the Provost's Office are accepting applications from full-time tenure track faculty members to participate in the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity’s (NCFDD) Faculty Success Program in fall 2023, August 27 - November 18.  

Priority will be given to faculty in their first three years at USF and pre-tenure faculty.

The deadline to apply is Thursday, May 4, 2023.

This opportunity is made possible by the Academic Excellence Fund.


Spring/Summer 2023 Funding for Mini-Writing Retreats

CRASE is accepting proposals for Mini-Writing Retreats–DUE: Friday, April 21, 2023, 5:00pm

Mini-Writing Retreats

Are you trying to shake off writer’s block? Stuck at home with little time to write and too many competing demands? Looking for a concentrated block of time to kickstart a new writing project or finish a manuscript? Are you working with colleagues on a joint research project and could use time together to make progress?

A limited number of mini-writing retreats/workshop retreats will be funded, in a location that you select. A retreat can be proposed for an individual faculty or a small group of faculty to provide concentrated time to work on a project overnight or up to 3 days. Funding will be provided up to $1,000 per attendee (e.g., if a group of three faculty want to work together, up to $3,000 total will be awarded). At the end of the retreat, participants will fill out a survey detailing their accomplishments. Applicants are responsible for planning and executing the retreat. Priority will be given to collaborative rather than individual retreats. Please provide (a) the purpose and description of the retreat, (b) what you need the funding for, and (c) what the deliverables will be in a one-page proposal.  Please complete the application form no later than Friday, April 21, 2023 by 5:00p.m. to be considered. 

Priority will go to faculty whose research agenda was impacted by the pandemic and events of the past three years, particularly groups disproportionately impacted such as caregivers or faculty of color.


Provost Office Call for Faculty Contributions

Research Justice: Building a Just and Sustainable World

Higher education’s racial reckoning, alongside the multiple crises of the moment, requires universities to re-examine the assumption that scholarly research is a “common good”.  Who really benefits from research funding? Who determines research agendas, dissemination and methodology, and who is excluded from these decisions? How does research impact BiPOC communities and other marginalized communities that are so often the object of the inquiry? And what is the environmental impact of all of this research activity? 

Research Justice: Building a Just and Sustainable World proposes an institutional approach to research that centers justice. Upending the traditional top down role of the scholar as expert, research justice positions faculty as allies walking alongside impacted communities who are experts on their own lives and contexts. Starting from a place of deep cultural humility, the researchers in this publication leverage research as a tool in the service of marginalized communities and work collaboratively, in the words of St Ignatius of Loyola, to set the world on fire.

The Office of the Provost invites faculty and librarians to be featured in a collection that will highlight research that does justice. This short publication will be disseminated to university presidents, provosts and chief research officers nationwide to raise awareness about the many powerful and impactful research projects conducted by USF faculty and librarians in partnership with local and global communities. Indigenous researchers have been at the forefront of generating decolonial methodologies and we particularly welcome projects focused on indigenizing scholarly research and/or engaging indigenous communities.

We invite faculty and nominees to submit a 400 - 500 word synopsis of their research project, a brief discussion of the participatory methodology of the research, description of any student researcher involvement, a brief bio, and a photo (jpg), and the full citation information for any relevant published work using this form by January 16, 2022.



Our mission at the Center for Research, Artistic and Scholarly Excellence (CRASE) at the University of San Francisco is to support, promote, and celebrate faculty research, artistic, and scholarly excellence through interdisciplinary and community connections, innovative approaches, social impact, and active dissemination.

Our goals are:

  • CONNECT: To connect and collectivize faculty to foster meaningful collaborations and interdisciplinary and holistic perspectives.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: To provide practical, active experiences that inspire productivity, innovative methods, creativity, and new ways of thinking.
  • IMPACT: To leverage faculty strengths and expertise to promote social impact, public debate, and discussion. 
  • SUPPORT: To link faculty to available resources on campus, online, in the community, and through professional organizations.
  • VISIBILITY: To increase the visibility, prominence, and dissemination of faculty research, artistic, and scholarly works.

The center is co-directed by professors Annette Regan (School of Nursing and Health Professions) and Tanu Sankalia (College of Arts and Sciences), and has an advisory board of faculty members from across all schools and colleges at USF. CRASE organizes a number of events and workshops throughout the year to support and promote faculty research and creative work.



Annette Regan

Tanu Sankalia


Program Assistant - CRASE and CTE

Nischa Jaster 


Advisory Board

Lara Bazelon

Deborah Benrubi

Zifei Chen

Hsiu-Lan Cheng

Marie-Claude Couture

Lisa De La Rue

Tatiana Fedyk

Erin Grinshteyn 

June Lee

Catherine Lushek

Omar Miranda

Tanu Sankalia

James Wilson