Air Quality & Wildfire Information

Campus Resilience monitors all area wildfires and wildfire smoke that may impact the Hilltop campus and campuses at all other locations. USF will use Air Quality Index (AQI) used by the Environmental Protection Agency for reporting and forecasting. The EPA operates the publicly available website USF will use AirNow metrics to guide all recommendations and decisions affecting campus.

View the USF Wildfire Air Quality Policy

The policy contains:

  • Activation of the campus Emergency Operations Center
  • When and under what conditions classes are canceled and the continuity of classes plan is implemented
  • Distribution of N95 air filtration masks
  • Resumption of normal operations
  • Communications
  • Essential services
  • Roles and responsibilities of key personnel
  • Definitions and information on campus operating status (reporting to work, delayed arrival, liberal leave, early departure, etc.)