Mandate of the Faculty Advisory Board for Internationalization

Approved at FABI Meeting – May 8, 2017

Following the Internationalization Task Report from 2012, the Faculty Advisory Board for Internationalization (FABI) has been created to provide advice, consultation, and expertise on all matters pertaining to internationalization at the University of San Francisco.

Internationalization: For purposes of the FABI, internationalization comprises three components: outbound (study abroad, research abroad, internships abroad, global relationships); inbound (international students and faculty coming to USF); and on campus (curriculum, mission, community engagement).

The FABI is responsible for:

  • Maintaining emphasis on internationalization in conformance with the university mission.
  • Providing expertise on issues pertaining to faculty travel for research and conferences.
  • Participating in decisions regarding the addition/subtraction of study abroad programs and ensuring there is adequate global representation of study abroad programs.
  • Reviewing and providing expertise on applications for graduate student travel.
  • Consulting regarding policy or procedure change that includes elements of internationalization (as broadly defined above).
  • Reviewing USF programs and curriculum, and recommending methods for better incorporating internationalization.
  • Facilitating the organization of programming to better integrate international students and faculty coming to our campus and to better help our own students and faculty returning from abroad share their experiences.
  • Serving as a sounding board for the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and the Center for Global Education for new policies and procedures regarding internationalization in all its forms.
  • Serving as the point committee for other members of the university community who wish to raise issues pertaining to internationalization.