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Hello, I am Dr. Dan McPherson and I work with the graduate programs here at the University of San Francisco. Congratulations on your recent admission.

This orientation will cover some general, but essential information that will offer you some background about the University and its rich history, as well as relevant policy and procedures that are important to be aware of. We will also explore the great variety of services and resources available to you as a graduate student at USF - both on campus and off, related to your studies and your life, such as San Francisco survival tips, living options, diversity and inclusion, and career building assistance, to name a few.

We have made this orientation available to you online for your convenience. The content is organized into modules of related information. Please go through the modules at your own pace and we hope it answers all of your questions about USF.

Beginning a graduate program is a huge accomplishment; we hope the information provided here will help you throughout your studies here at USF.

Once again, I want to congratulate you and wish you success in your graduate studies.